One Year, No Alcohol

Today I decided to stop drinking for a year.

This blog is about my decision to stop drinking alcohol for a year. I made the decision because I realized I had spent the past few years drinking too much. Since I had been drinking on a regular basis, I had gained weight and did not always get around to doing planned tasks. I made the commitment to quick drinking for a year to lessen this dependence as well as improve my health, well-being, and productivity. Many of my social activities involved alcohol but it was starting to interfere with my life, and it was an expensive habit in more ways than one.

When I made this decision, I was drinking two to five drinks almost every night. I never felt a physical compulsion to drink but I was attracted to drinking more when I was under stress.

I am interested to note the impact my decision to quit drinking for a year will have on my friendships, job (where I am expected to socialize), and health.This is not meant to be a judgment on alcohol or alcohol use, which I think can be part of a healthy life, but not in the way I was using it. I plan to document what happens every day on this blog. Please join me by either leaving your thoughts or joining me on this challenge or just reading about my efforts. I hope my experiences are thought-provoking.


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