Day 3, No Alcohol

Still going strong, although there was some stress last night that made me wish I had a drink. I know that drinking is a depressant, but I find it relaxing. I still feel really good today. I did have an itchy feeling on my skin during the morning. I looked that up, and it was listed as a potential alcohol withdrawal symptom, the result of nerves reawakening after having been suppressed by alcohol. Given the amount I was drinking, this was probably not me, but it did give me pause. It caused me to look up some of the other effects of both long-term alcohol use and alcohol withdrawal, which are terrible. Whether real or a figment of my overactive imagination, the bug-crawling sensation and subsequent research strengthened my resolve to “break up” with alcohol by abstaining for a year.

I am doing other healthy stuff, too. Drinking water all day long. Workout felt really good today. I have had a higher craving to eat than usual but have managed it, mainly by eating when I feel cravings but sticking to healthy food. Although I feel good, I am having some occasional anxious feelings, mainly about going back to work next week. Probably not as a result of not drinking but I would usually have a drink or three to calm these down. Still no signs of breaking. I am thinking, though, it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and remove the alcohol from my house, even under the assumption that it is for guests only. Just a thought.

If anyone reading this has ever done a challenge like this, I would love to hear about your results and thoughts.

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