Day 4, No Alcohol

Today was the first real test… going to a tavern for a late lunch with a friend. He hesitated, waiting for me to order first and when I ordered a club soda, he ordered a water. I told him what I was trying to do and why (which I did not expect I would do but he is easy to talk to) and he was supportive.

Seeing the cold beer in pint glasses (particularly the Guinness) was certainly tempting. I had second thoughts about Day 4 especially when I walked towards the bathroom. But I was able to do it. It also seemed like I could smell the pleasant/unpleasant smell of beer drifting through the pub for the first time.

I have had a bit of a sweet tooth the past couple of days. I went ahead and indulged this a bit because 1) right now quitting alcohol is more important than following my diet completely and 2) it was only a couple of cookies. I don’t know if the sudden craving for sweets is a result of foregoing alcohol.

I had a wonderful run today, beating all the times I had previously. I also seem to be adjusting better to the heat. All in all, today I walked and ran over nine miles (including the morning run and normal day walking). Also, got hair and eyebrows done and felt clear-headed and not too tempted throughout the day.

Tomorrow will be another test. I still haven’t told my best friend about this and tomorrow night is the standard Game of Thrones Sunday drinking and eating evening. This is the first time in ten years we have lived in the same area and have enjoyed hanging out since I moved here two weeks ago, and to-date this has always involved drinking. There will be other people around so I will not get to tell her the full story. I am somewhat nervous about how she will feel about this change. Hopefully, it will not affect my social desirability, but time will tell. To be continued…

The picture below is a possession I am suddenly NOT proud of having… a reusable six-bottle wine bag. Good for the environment, bad for me. It surely was not as well-used as it looks.


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  1. yes, just saw this post. I am sure the temptation to drink is so strong, like a craving. try not to substitute it with sweets. tomorrow would be tough, but i am sure you would make it. Games of throne yeahhh!!!!!!


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