One Week, No Alcohol

August 22, 2017

Today marks the end of the first week of my one year no alcohol goal. All in all, it went pretty well, with nothing but positive things to report. These are the positive changes I have noticed:

1.) Better sleep with more memorable dreams

2.) Reduced likelihood of breaking my diet.

3.) Better exercise.

4.) More patience.

5.) Less anxiety/ depression.

There were some negative effects, too, as reported earlier in the week. The first few days I was detoxing, especially I experienced:

1.) Some anxiety especially when I wanted to unwind with alcohol.

2.) A feeling of skin crawling. Might have been a coincidence or nerves “reawakening).

3.) Anxiety around social situations.

All in all, my current feeling is that I made a good choice to forego alcohol for the next year. I shunned most social contacts and avoided situations that would put me in front of alcohol during the first week. But this is not how I am ultimately going to live, so I am going to be more aggressive about seeking out these situations during the next week. On Friday, I will be hosting a dinner party and opening a bottle of wine. We will see how that goes.

51 more weeks to go in this challenge!