Days 10 and 11, Alcohol! Day 12, No Alcohol

August 27, 2017

A couple days ago, I messed up. I had some friends coming over for dinner and we planned to go out on the town after. My first night out since I moved to D.C. I made a nice roast chicken with carrots and fennel and served the wine. At first, no issue. Then towards the end of dinner, I refilled a friend’s glass of wine and went ahead and served one to myself. I stupidly followed my impulse.

From there, I continued to drink over Friday night and into early Saturday morning (which is why I am counting two days with alcohol). I guess I felt that since I had broken my promise to myself that I might as well keep going. Nothing too excessive. I was still enough in my mind to make sure that I and everyone else got home safely, but I failed in my challenge. With nothing to show for it. I realized the next day I would have had just as good of a time if I were sipping water.  It was a fun time, but drinking did not contribute to that.

Drinking did contribute to my hangover the next day. I woke up feeling terrible, even though this had not been an especially excessive night according to my previous track record. I did not go on my morning run, I broke my diet, and the most productive thing I did all day was lay on the couch. Standing up made me feel nauseous. Sunday I was more productive but still felt off. Drinking ruined my entire weekend. Having broken my challenge, I felt ashamed and weak.

There was something good out of it, however. Since I had about ten days of complete sobriety before this weekend, I could discern how awful the alcohol made my body feel. I think that when I drank nearly every day I did not have this feeling, but it did not mean that the alcohol wasn’t damaging my body or making me feel bad. So I can take this slip-up as motivation to keep going with the challenge. With an extra nine days added on at the end, of course.

Now it’s Sunday, and I have never been so happy in my life to not be drinking! This weekend was a setback but this week I will regain my strength.





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