Day 13, No Alcohol

August 28, 2017

Today I got back to feeling good for the first time since falling off the wagon on Friday night. I was clear-headed and optimistic. It was easy to be patient. I was productive for most of the day and even spent some quality time hanging out with my best friend. She told me she wanted to cut back on her drinking, too. She decided to only drink on weekends, completely abstaining during the week. It made me feel good that I was at least a partial influence on her decision to cut back. As I wrote previously, cutting back and making rules did not work for me personally, but I imagine it can work for many people, including my friend. I made my “One Year No Alcohol” choice because cutting back was difficult for me. I kept making excuses for why I was going to start cutting back tomorrow.

Over my morning coffee, I read an article in last week’s Economist about how women, minorities, and the elderly are all becoming heavier drinkers, to detrimental effects. In 2012-2013, the percentage of Americans with “Alcohol Use Disorder” was over 13%, 30 million people, up from 8.5% only nine years earlier. We Americans are literally drinking ourselves to death, and the problem is growing. And there are similar results all over the world, including Europe and Australia.

Alcohol is becoming more and more influential in our lives. I salute everyone out there who has struggled with this and is actively trying to break this influence. As well as, of course, the people who have already conquered it.

Writing this blog and knowing that people are reading it has helped keep me accountable and on track towards my “One Year No Alcohol Goal.” Thank you for helping me along.